DOGEZ is a truly decentralised meme token on the Ethereum Blockchain.


A little bit about the DogeZilla Universe...


A box full of mysteries

Your journey in the DogeZilla Universe starts with an Evolution Box or Galaxy Box. These boxes hold your little companion and other digital collectibles which are essential for your journey.

Claim your companion

First we have a collection of 10,000 randomly generated cute companions. These will represent your character throughout your journey in the DogeZilla Universe. Play, feed, battle and travel.

Get ready to travel

Don’t dismiss your box yet! Somewhere deep inside there is a balloon UFO, space skateboard or another form of intergalactic transportion! Your box just needs a little bit of energy to release your transportation item.

A place to call home

Now it really gets exciting… The universe is a big space and all DogeZillas will have a place to call home. Also, not all homes are the same… You might be rich in resources and dictate the universe!

Our FAQ can be helpful.

Embrace your inner DogeZilla by joining our community, as you too are charming and mighty! Our team works tirelessly to ensure the DogeZilla Universe’s success, beginning with our native token’s launch in July 2021 on the Ethereum blockchain. We are now exploring various pathways to expand the DogeZilla Universe further. Discover more about the DOGEZ token and the DogeZilla Universe roadmap on our website.

The DogeZilla Universe is an engaging project that includes both a cryptocurrency token, intended for various purposes, and an exclusive NFT that offers its own set of benefits. The initial collection features 10,000 boxes, each containing three components: a unique DogeZilla character, a transportation item, and a land or planet to explore.

We plan to unveil and release the collection in Q2 2023. Follow our Twitter account to stay updated on the launch and our numerous giveaways!

Owning a box from the genesis collection grants access to the three NFTs needed for the full DogeZilla Universe experience, including our Play-to-Earn game. In the game, you can use your unique DogeZilla character and its distinct attributes (our upcoming utility token also plays a role in the game). Show off your rare bling during boss battles!

Additionally, you own the Intellectual Property rights to your NFTs, meaning you can monetize them. We truly support your freedom to monetize your NFT and its IP rights.

Once minting starts, you can mint from the official Dogezilla mint website (the link will be provided in due time). We have reserved 1,000 free mints for giveaway winners (who only need to pay a gas fee!) for the Evolution Box mint. There are also 1,500 whitelist spots available for the Evolution Box mint.

  • Freelist or whitelist holders can mint during the presale, while others can mint during the public sale.
  • We will announce the specific dates for presale and public sale soon.
  • The minting price of the Galaxy Box is 0.03 ETH per box, with a maximum mint of 3 per wallet.
  • The minting price of the Evolution Box is free for OG/Freelist, 0.01 ETH for whitelist and 0.015 ETH for public, with a maximum mint of 3 per wallet.
  • Our optimized contract ensures the lowest possible gas fees for your transactions.


We will provide more information about the contents and differences between the boxes soon.

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